TIFFCOM News Extra 2012/10/25

■    TIFFCOM2012 Has Ended. Thank You to All Who Visited!   ■

TIFFCOM2012, which was held from Tuesday, October 23, 2012 to Thursday,
October 25, has ended. The market was held at the Hotel Grand Pacific
LE DAIBA. During the three days of TIFFCOM, we saw a great number of
exhibitors, buyers, visitors, and members of the press. We would like
to thank each and every one of you who attended TIFFCOM.

For the first time this year, three other affiliated markets were held
in the same venue: Tokyo International Music Market, Tokyo International
Anime Festival (2012 fall edition), and Creative Market Tokyo, which
features character-driven content. By experiencing Japanese creations
in all their varied forms, we hope you were able to feel the power of
Japanese content.

From the bottom of our hearts, the TIFFCOM staff thanks you for
visiting this year. We hope you will visit next year as well!


TIFFCOM Organizing Staff

■          Today's Report (October 26)          ■

On this final day, the forum, "The Great Film Industry Debate:
Producers Versus Students" was held. Presented by Bunkatsushin,
the Japanese industry newspaper, the forum welcomed speakers such as
film journalist Hiroo Otaka, film producer Toshiaki Nakazawa (SEDIC
International), and Genki Kawamura (Toho).
Members of the Tokyo International Film Festival student support staff
also took part to discuss how young people today view cinema, and held
a lively debate with the leading producers of the country.


<Study Tour for Students>
For the first time ever, a study tour was organized at TIFFCOM.
20 students each from Keio University and the Vantan Design Institute
took part in the tour, which aimed to develop future filmmakers.
The young participants were very eager to be exposed to the real
world of international content business.


<Project Market>
At TIFFCOM2012 Project Market, numerous meetings were held with
international producers to discuss film projects.
If you have an idea for a film project, please consider participating
in next year's Project Market.


<Screening & Teach-in>
Film director Noboru Iguchi held a teach-in after the screening of his
film "Dead Sushi", which had its market premiere at TIFFCOM.
In front of guests from Japan, the US, and Hong Kong, among others,
he spoke eloquently about his project.


<TIFFCOM International Pavilion Luncheon>
Around 80% of overseas exhibitors exhibited their projects in a pavilion
setting this year. Representatives from each pavilion - Canada,
Great Britain, Mexico, Spain, South Korea (films), South Korea (television),
Taiwan, and Malaysia - were invited to take part in a special luncheon.

Today marks the end of TIFFCOM, but tomorrow will see a special TIFFCOM
event: a cruise around Tokyo Bay, held on the ship Shin Tokyo Maru.
Why not take this rare occasion to ride on the Shin Tokyo Maru, and enjoy
the Tokyo sights via sea?


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