For Buyers

Eligibility for applicants

Industry professionals of Film, TV, VIDEO/DVD, Mobile, Internet, Comics, Publications, and Others who actually involve in content acquisition activities.

If you are successfully registered as Buyer at TIFFCOM, you are eligible for

  • Publishing your information on TIFFCOM official guidebook and website
  • Access to the member site "MY TIFFCOM".
  • Access to market Screening (except for Invitation only)
  • Making a reservation for Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) ID Screenings
  • Access to a special lounge and Business Center (TBC)
  • Participating related events (except for invitation only)
  • Receiving TIFFCOM newsletters.

registration notes

Please proceed to the "BUYER APPLICATION" below. Fill out all the necessary information to complete your registration.

※Those who wish to register as a buyer will need to present their buyer history to verify the information,the TIFFCOM Organizer's Office may contact to confirm the detailed information.

TIFFCOM organizer's office will inform you within two weeks about the results of the application.

  • ID Badge will be sent by past to those who complete the registration by September 2nd. (Only for Japan address) Those who registered after September 2nd till October 5th, ID Badge can be picked up at the registration desk onsite(GRAND PACIFIC LE DAIBA).
  • ID Badge can only be picked up at GRAND PACIFIC LE DAIBA. It can not be picked up at the venue of the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival at Roppongi.
  • Buyer registration can only be done by pre-registration and no on-site registrations.

Registration Procedure and Fee

  • How to register:Please register from the below.
  • Deadline:Friday October 5, 2012 (Japan Time)
  • Buyer Registration Fee:Free(Valid during the event dates)

Privacy Policy Statement

The TIFFCOM Organizers office carefully handles all personal information provided by clients of TIFFCOM. All information gathered by TIFFCOM is managed and maintained appropriately using computer system and procedural safeguards to prevent data loss, leaks, and corruption. Upon your authorization, all or part of the information gathered by TIFFCOM will be used to support business activities between our clients and related industry professionals, including the following situations.

  1. Providing information on the official TIFFCOM website and 'Who's Who'
  2. Publishing information in the official TIFFCOM guidebook in the relevant section of 'Who's Who'
  3. Releasing company, project, and/or product information in publications distributed at the venue
  4. Introducing participants in the TIFFCOM Market Report and video report
  5. Printing participant's name, company name, nationality, and photo on the TIFFCOM ID badge
  6. Delivering TIFFCOM related news and updates, as well as introducing services through phone calls, mailings, and e-mails on a regular and systematic basis
  7. Providing improved services by conducting market research, examining and analyzing data collected through surveys and your participation at TIFFCOM
  8. Announcing new events, such as symposiums and seminars
  9. Verifying the submitted information for activities related to event management

Personal information that is related to the website is released to a limited number of people who possess IDs and passwords that identify them.

Your information is not disclosed or provided to third parties other than for the purposes described above without your agreement, unless legal requirements obligate the organizer to release them.

When TIFFCOM subcontracts all or a part of its services to external organizations, TIFFCOM provides proper safeguards and supervision for your personal information. TIFFCOM and the external organizations sign a nondisclosure agreement. If you have any privacy concerns, please contact the TIFFCOM Organizer's Office.



TIFFCOM2012 Representative Office (Frontier International Inc.)
NBF Shibuya East, 3-3-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan
TEL: +81-3-5778-3566 FAX: +81-3-5778-5088
E-mail: tiffcom2012@frontier-i.co.jp

TIFFCOM Organizer's Office

4F Shinkawa K・T Bldg., 1-28-44 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033, Japan
TEL: +81-3-3553-4783 FAX: +81-3-3553-4787
E-mail: info@tiffcom.jp

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