2018.10.25 [NEW!]

TIFFCOM2019 date released

TIFFCOM2019 event date was announced as Oct 22nd to 24th.Ikebukuro as new TIFFCOM venue since last year will have “grand cinema sunshine”, the largest cinema complex in Tokyo and the “Hareza Ikebukuro”, the new commercial complex with 8 theaters. TIFFCOM will make more excitement together through the cooperation of those facilities.

TIFFCOM 2019 will bring you more expectations.



Date Oct.23[TUE]- 25[THU]2018
Venue "Sunshine City Convention Center"

Overview of Ikebukuro

With over 2.5 million passengers daily, Ikebukuro Station is proud of its convenient access and surrounding shopping, gourmet and amusement facilities. The city is also renowned for various animation-related spots, shops and events. Towards 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, the opening of 8 theaters and cinema complex is planned, making Ikebukuro an "International City of Arts & Culture".

Eligible Exhibitors

Content holders and related companies in the following industries: Film, TV, Animation, Publication, Character, Games, Mobile/Internet, Home Entertainment (VOD, DVD, Blu-ray), etc.

Exhibiting Options(PDF)

Exhibitor Application Form & Agreement(PDF)


2017 Market Report(PDF) ※JSC2017Market Report

2017 Video Report ※JCS 2017

JCS official website:http://www.jcs.tokyo


TIFFCOM Organizer’s Office
15F Togeki Bldg. 4-1-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
Tel: +81-3-6226-3020 Fax: +81-3-6226-3024

【For Exhibitor】sales@tiffcom.jp
【For Buyer】【For Visitor】inquiry@tiffcom.jp
【For Press】press@tiffcom.jp

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Yasushi Shiina
UNIJAPAN Vice President

Why has TIFFCOM grown over the last three years?

TIFFCOM is growing year by year. In 2017, the number of participants, exhibitors and registered buyers all marked new records as follows.

●Participants 19,549 (107% compared to last year)
●Exhibitors  371 (104% compared to last year)
●Registered Buyers 1,549(101% compared to last year)
(All data is from Japan Content Showcase 2017)

All of the above numbers have grown for three consecutive years. Furthermore, based on a survey taken after the market, the number of business meetings and the total value of contracts have also grown in the last three years.
●Business Meetings 7,798(115% compared to last year)
●Total Value of Contracts $60,050,000(113% compared to last year)
(All data is from Japan Content Showcase 2017)

The reason for the growth is quite clear. The content market in Asia is rapidly expanding and receiving a great deal of attention and under these circumstances, TIFFCOM is recognized as one of the important content markets. Increasing appreciation and expectation of Japanese content including animation is another important factor for the growth of TIFFCOM. At TIFFCOM, you can participate in the cutting-edge Japanese moving image content business.
Last year, TIFFCOM focused on IP related businesses, and worked to increase the meeting opportunities around this business area in addition to the buying/selling opportunities for finished content businesses. As a result, an increasing variety of meetings were conducted, and resulting in the growth of the numbers.

Produced diverse business matching opportunities

In 2018, TIFFCOM will provide not only buying/selling opportunities for finished content but also other business matching opportunities such as matching opportunities for international co-production players, content investors and players looking for funds.

In addition, TIFFCOM will provide business matching opportunities for players looking to expand their content IP business to various areas such as merchandising. TIFFCOM will also provide networking opportunities for players between original stories and moving image content.

We will also welcome creators’ participation at TIFFCOM. We aim for TIFFCOM to be a marketplace where creators and their related players to promote their content across an international platform. Also, TIFFCOM’s goal is to be a versatile and multi-tiered market where the players, content holders and creators can network and utilize their content for different industries such as, local government or tourism.

Attraction of the city, Ikeukuro is one of the selling points of TIFFOM

In 2018, TIFFCOM will be visited by many people from all over the world. Same as last year, TIFFCOM will be held in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Ikebukuro is a leading center of animation and pop culture and was well regarded by the last year’s overseas participants.

As a major center of Japan culture, and with the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Games in 2020, Ikebukuro is planning to transform itself into an even more exciting place. During the market period, by collaborating with the related events, TIFFCOM will provide important opportunities to experience the excitement of Japanese consumers.

In 2018, please visit TIFFCOM in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, a city that attracts attention from all over the world and find various content and business opportunities. We sincerely look forward to your participation.